Circle Celebrates 1500 Babies — Brett Becomes a Dad

Circle employee Brett becomes a father through surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy is celebrating #1500circlebabies all month long, by highlighting the amazing stories from our own employees, many of whom have participated in surrogacy journeys as surrogates or intended parents. Brett, our International Outreach Associate, shares his story as an Intended Parent. Brett welcomed his son – Circle Baby #330 –  almost 8 years ago.

Circle asked Brett 5 questions about his journey…

Describe your surrogate in 3 words.

Determined, Caring, Giving

What does having a baby through surrogacy mean to you?

Everything. It means everything to me. I cannot believe how much I am able to love. If I had to choose between breathing and my children, I would use my last breath to tell them how much I love them. They are my world and the realization of my dreams I thought impossible.

What was the day of the birth of your son like?

The day was cold with snow on the ground, but the skies were a clear, bright blue. It was New Year’s Eve and we watched our son arrive into this world, stealing our hearts and taking our breath away. I held him and I kissed him and I shall never forget that first tender kiss and looking into his eyes as I fed him his first-ever bottle. My little man honestly stole my heart that day.

What is your advice for people considering surrogacy to build their family?

Just do it. It takes a leap of faith and a lot of trust, but the rewards far outweigh any concerns. It is truly the most incredible experience of my life. Nothing will come close.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your son?

“Dudes Day Out!” My son and I spend a day hanging out at a theme park or at the movies, or whatever he wants to do. I put my phone away and spend quality time with him. We also love to cuddle, every single morning my husband and I are woken when he climbs into our bed and snuggles in. Honestly, one of my favourite times of day!

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