The Importance of Surrogate’s and Egg Donor’s Body Mass Index (BMI)

In order to be considered for surrogacy or egg donation, applicants have to meet certain qualifications. One such requirement is Body Mass Index (BMI). Your BMI is calculated using an algorithm that incorporates an individual’s height and weight, providing an indicator of body fat for most people. You can find your own value by calculating your […]

Throwback to 1995: A look back at the year’s top jams

You may be asking yourself, “Why 1995?” It’s because Circle Surrogacy is gearing up to celebrate the premiere of its next video: The History of Circle Surrogacy. Founded in 1995, and with nearly 1,000 babies born, Circle has grown tremendously and established some lifelong relationships with those who have been in the program. We are […]

Circle’s President Releases Statement on Dolce & Gabbana IVF Comments

In light of the recent story on Dolce & Gabbana comments on IVF and surrogacy, Circle’s president and founder, John Weltman, speaks up and out against the cruel words that have targeted families and children created through assisted reproduction. “I am a gay father through surrogacy and from the same era as Dolce and Gabbana. […]

State Spotlight: Surrogacy in Illinois

Circle is dedicated to informing intended parents and surrogates as much as possible about surrogacy, including the state laws addressing the practice. Here we break down the legal framework on assisted reproduction in Illinois. Illinois Law Illinois is one of the only states in the nation that passed laws specifically addressing the surrogacy practice. The Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act was passed […]

Watch Circle’s New Surrogate Mother Video!

Circle’s NEW Surrogate Video is officially live on our website. We are so thrilled to have one of our surrogates thoughtfully describe her experience being a surrogate and helping intended parents bring life into this world. Click below to watch!!! Have questions about applying to become a surrogate? Email Mariya at