Change to the Nevada Surrogacy Law for Parentage, ART, and Adoption

There has been a change to the Nevada law that we want to share with you. The Nevada Governor signed into law AB 191, which addresses parentage, ART and adoption. Effective July 1, 2017, the bill gender neutralized Nevada’s voluntary acknowledgment of paternity to include “parentage” to cover ART born children. This will simplify the […]

The Importance of Surrogate Support Systems

“It’s been nice to work with my friends and they’ve wanted to be part of my life  and experiencing this with me” – Gina, Circle Surrogate Gina, a Circle Surrogate from Los Angeles, discusses her motives to become a surrogate, and how her family and close friends make up her close-knit support system. Personal support systems, […]

New York May Lift Over 20-Year Ban on Surrogacy: Note from John Weltman

In what may be the second major step forward in surrogacy in the United States this spring, Brad Hoylman, Democratic State Senator for New York, announced yesterday the passage of Senate Bill S17A through committee. The Bill, if passed by the full assembly and signed into law, will effectively repeal New York’s two-decade-plus ban on […]

Birth Announcement: Welcome Baby Astrid! – Circle Surrogacy

  Join us in welcoming the adorable Baby Astrid into the world. Her parents and the amazing surrogate, who made this bundle of joy possible, are all doing well. We want to thank the new parents of this precious cutie for allowing us to share this announcement with our community. Every day that goes by in the Circle […]

John Weltman On The New Surrogacy Law in Washington, D.C.

One of the great accomplishments of the recent past is the overturning of the ban on surrogacy in Washington, D.C. This is not just a move forward, reducing from six locations in the United States where surrogacy is illegal and unenforceable to five (New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Nebraska, Washington state), but it is a […]