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On February 17, Circle Surrogacy’s Founder and President appeared on CGTN (China Global Television Network) formally known as CCTV-NEWS. Circle Surrogacy is the only surrogacy agency to be interviewed by CCTV. 

Back in 2013, CCTV interviewed John Weltman in our Boston office. You can view that video here: CCTV News Interviews John Weltman at Circle Surrogacy HeadquartersWe were very honored to be included in this segment.

While on the program, John made many powerful statements about the importance of surrogacy for China as well as several other countries where surrogacy is not possible.

Read what John had to say here:

The demand for surrogacy [in China] has grown exponentially in the last few years. I would have said a few years ago we had almost no clients from China. Now it makes up 30 percent of our international base. I think some of it has been the crackdown by the government on Chinese surrogacy that was still going on despite being it illegal is South China. And once that began people started coming to the United States to do surrogacy.

According to American Society of Reproductive Medicine, there are about 3,000 surrogate births a year in the United States. It’s a severe underestimation but I don’t think the number is huge. I think people are coming for different reasons. The heterosexual community, which is facing diseased uteruses, cancer diagnoses, absent uteruses, have reasons to do so. There’s the gay community that would like to have children and it’s now being accepted in many, many different countries, and those are people who are coming to surrogacy.

I think it should be legalized everywhere. I completely believe it in. I am a parent myself through surrogacy. I think it is one of the most wonderful, rewarding things for everyone involved, especially the surrogates. Compared to about 150 people who apply to our [intended parents] program every month, we have 1500 women who apply to be surrogates, many of them not caring about the money but caring about the ability to give that gift to somebody else.

My children are 23 and 21. They know who their surrogate mother is. They know who their genetic mother is. And they have a connection. In addition, my children have been around for 21 and 23 years, and they have no issues that have arisen by virtue of this because we have been open and honest with them from the beginning. I think that the way the United States does this versus other countries is absolutely different. And that much of what was going on in India where women were kept in housing away from their families and taken advantage of because the numbers were 10-fold, 100-fold what they would normally make was a very different story, and particularly why places like India, Cambodia, and Thailand shut it down. And the United States has not. I agree. There must be standards put in place to protect the rights of the women and the children.

This is the most wonderful thing that has every happened to me in my life. My children are here because of [surrogacy]. The woman who helped me have my children I consider a goddess, and I treat her as such, as do my children. And she thinks it is the greatest thing she has ever done in her life. She is so proud of the gift she gave.

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