7 Things the Media Gets Wrong about Surrogacy in the United States

1. Forgetting about the happy families created through surrogacy. Intended parents, surrogates, and the wonderful children brought into this world because of their love are real people. Articles talking about the dangers of surrogacy are not only misleading but hurtful to the individuals who are proud of their amazing families. 2. Sensationalizing tragedy instead of […]

Share Your Surrogacy Journey Story

Surrogates amaze us every day. Throughout the office we share anecdotes from our individual conversations with surrogates—their stories, their backgrounds, their journeys—undoubtedly they inspire us. We want to share those stories with others so that as many people as possible know the tremendous women who make families possible for the LGBT community and couples who […]

Today’s Birth Announcement from Circle Surrogacy

If you are reading this, you are a kind person who knows the importance of surrogacy. Whether you are an Intended Parent beginning your journey, a parent through surrogacy, a surrogate starting your journey, a former surrogate, or someone who works in surrogacy (hopefully some Circle employees!!), there’s nothing that warms your heart quite like […]