VIDEO: The Magic of Surrogacy with Baby Jake and Baby Dean

We spend so much time writing content and materials trying with all our mighty vocabulary to express the difference surrogacy makes in the world. We articulate the importance of surrogates’ generosity and intended parents’ faith. We share our complete and utter gratitude that we have the honor of being part of this process. But nothing explains the magic of surrogacy quite like surpassing the most important milestone: the birth.

Two intended parents shared this beautiful video of their twin baby boys. Jake and Dean were born recently meaning that everyone in the office is awing over how darn cute these newborns are.

Watching this video really is the best way to start your week because you’ll be filled with joy. Feel free to come back to this video later in the day when you’re frustrated and daunted that there are in fact four other workdays in this particular week we happen to be experiencing. You can’t be mad and watch this video. It’s just not possible.

Click here, and the password is stella.


Birth Announcement! Baby Charlie is Here.


Baby Charlie was born early this month.

It’s fun when you find a common theme where you least expect it. Circle Surrogacy has a number of departments that work together to make journeys run smoothly. We have a legal department to watch out for surrogates’ rights and to protect intended parents’ parentage rights. We have an accounting department to work on company finances as well as manage the accounts of intended parents. Our social worker team and our program coordinator team work closely on journeys. We also have HR and admin in addition to the marketing team (that’s me!).

All of those departments are necessary to provide a full-agency experience that focuses on providing ample support throughout the surrogacy journey. But at a glance, it doesn’t seem like the individual departments have very much in common, yet they do.

I am currently working on a project for our 20th Anniversary where I interview different members of our team from a variety of departments. And every single of them says the same thing. It’s a version of this:

“While my job can be stressful–because we work on something that’s so important and personal to everyone involved from surrogates to intended parents to egg donors–when we receive birth announcements and we open the attachment to see a beautiful, healthy baby–we perk up and smile. Seeing those photos is the best part of the job.”

It’s interesting that people who have very different job titles and responsibilities can all have the same perspective is pretty magnificent.

We love to share the photos on social media and our Circle Surrogacy blog (when we have permission, of course) in hopes that it brings our community together, and so that we can give hope to individuals who are at the beginning of their journey.

Welcome, Baby Hans!



As part of my job as Marketing Coordinator here at Circle, I answer Facebook questions practically 24/7. Saturdays at 11 pm and Mondays at 9:30 am. Lucky for me, I don’t usually get many questions at 6 am. I don’t know how prompt I would be on those.

Usually, questions I receive are very practical about the surrogacy application process. How does it work? What’s the first step? People ask questions about the requirements to make sure they fit into the parameters before taking the time to fill out the application, which of course is extensive.

Then the other day I was in a team meeting with our program coordinators discussing photos like this adorable one of Baby Hans, who was born early this month. In the meeting, we were reviewing our process for posting photos. We only post photos when we have permission so we were going over our policy. Even though the meeting was about photos someone said, “This is unrelated, but can you tell us what role Facebook plays in the world of Circle Surrogacy?”

Of course, I was happy to answer. I explained that I answer questions during the application process. I put people in touch with the right team member. Those opportunities are great. We want to make it as easy as possible to connect for both potential surrogates and potential intended parents because we all know how frustrating it is when we want a question answered. Facebook is also a great way for us to share news about surrogacy, blog content, and birth announcements like saying, “Welcome, Baby Hans!” That builds our community. But what struck me about the question was that it invited me to step back for a second and see how all of the pieces of the process from the moment a woman asks me a question about the application all the way to the moment a beautiful baby is brought into this work.

Facebook is also a great way for us to share news about surrogacy, blog content, and birth announcements saying, “Join us in welcoming Baby Hans to the world. His parents are thrilled and his surrogate who gave this family a wonderful gift is doing well.” Staying in touch with our community helps us foster long-term connections our big Circle family. Aside from that what struck me about the question was that it invited me to step back for a second and see how all of the pieces of the process fit together. It gave even deeper meaning to the idiom, “It takes a village.”

From the moment, a woman asks me a question about the application all the way to the moment a beautiful baby is brought into this world. Of course, I don’t connect with every single applicant but it’s certainly nice when you are prompted to see the big picture with a fresh perspective. It’s truly amazing what our team at Circle Surrogacy is able to do and the difference it can make is so clearly demonstrated when you look at Baby Hans.

Birth Announcement, Welcome Baby Aria!


Baby Aria

Having the privilege of sharing this photo with you makes our day.

We can’t post every photo of every birth because of course some individuals would prefer to be more private. We completely understand and respect that. And because of that understanding, we are very grateful when we are able to share photos of brand new babies, new to this world, who are born through surrogacy.

Posting articles and writing information about the surrogacy process isn’t nearly as compelling as seeing a photo of a baby. In those little faces, we see all the joy the parents are feeling toward their new love as well as the gratitude for their surrogate.

Birth Announcement! Welcome Baby Ezri

baby through surrogacy Ezri

ezri 2

We love when parents share their birth announcements with us to share with you!

Like most things that are worth it in life, they take time, planning and patience. When it comes to building your family through surrogacy, seeing your baby for the very first time makes every moment of anticipation and planning just fall away into the distance past.

At Circle, we develop relationships with our surrogates and our intended parents. Having that is helpful for everyone involved in the process. For one, families share beautiful photos with us to post here and on social media. We all love seeing cute baby photos. It’s also beneficial for future intended parents and surrogates because we are left with a wealth of knowledge gained from those close relationships. With every family we see become complete, our capacity to understand compassion, kindness, generosity and love grows–even when it seems like it couldn’t possibly grow more.

If you are thinking about becoming a parent through surrogacy, our team would love to get to know your story and help you have the family of your dreams. Doing research is an important first step, which is why we created a free guide to help intended parents learn more about the process. You may also set up a free consultation to meet with a member of our legal team and our coordination team to review each aspect of the surrogacy process. Consultations can be in person at our office or over Skype. We also travel throughout the year. To see if we are traveling to your area, visit our travel calendar.

For women interested in learning more about the process, our free guide introduces surrogates to Circle’s process, which involves a great deal of support. We understand that becoming a surrogate is an important decision, which is why we have a surrogate outreach team to answer questions before filling out the application. To connect with our surrogate outreach coordinator, call 617-439-9900. Or you can also find us on Facebook. Send us a private message letting us know you’d like to speak with our surrogate outreach team along with your contact information, and someone will reach out to you shortly.

Following Up with Families Built Through Surrogacy


This year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. So we have been reaching out to parents and surrogates asking for photos and stories for an anniversary video.

If you would like to participate, please reach out to me (Lauren Muscarella, Marketing) at lmuscarella@circlesurrogacy. We are looking for photos, stories, and home video clips.

The purpose of our 20th-anniversary video is to celebrate all of the families who have been created with the help of Circle Surrogacy. Additionally, the video will be a way for us to express our gratitude for our network, which is more like a big extended family.

The miracle of surrogacy would not be possible without individuals, who despite being unable to have children on their own, determined to build loving, wonderful families of their own. And it wouldn’t be possible without mothers who know the power of parenthood stepping up to the call to become surrogates.

We are honored that we’ve been able to be a part of creating your families and being a part of your lives. There’s not a day that goes by where we don’t think about how spectacular the last 2o years while looking forward to the next 20 ahead of us.

For individuals who are interested in becoming parents through surrogacy, more information is available here.

For women who are thinking about becoming a surrogate, there is more information here.

To keep up with our birth announcements, event schedule, video content and the latest news in surrogacy, find us on Facebook.

Welcome to the World, Baby Priya




Having seen these photos, we were thrilled to find out that we were able to share them with you.

There’s nothing more magical than photos taken in the hours right after a baby is born. Baby Priya and her mom capture everything we work hard to do every day here at Circle.

Building families and helping individuals fulfill their dream of becoming a parent.

Priya’s surrogate is healthy and doing well. She has made this precious family possible and we are honored to be a part of their story.

To learn more about becoming a parent through surrogacy, download our free guide:

An Introduction to Surrogacy and Egg Donation: A guide for intended parents – 
Gestational surrogacy and egg donation help those who cannot have children on their own to become parents. It’s a process that requires medical and legal expertise. Find out how our agency handles each stage, supporting you each step of the way toward parenthood.

VIDEO: From Intended Parent to Helping Intended Parents Abroad – 20th Anniversary Series

From Intended Parent to Helping Intended Parents Abroad – 20th Anniversary

Brett Griffin-Young first came to Circle Surrogacy with his husband to have their son Sebastian. About six months after his son was born, he knew he wanted to help intended parents abroad with their surrogacy journeys. As part of our 20th Anniversary Video Series, Brett shares his story with us.

Watch the first five videos in the series:

Clinical Director, Emily Sonier LCSW: What Inspired You to Join Circle’s Team? In this video, Emily shares her journey to build her “creatively created family.” Watch now.

Operations Accountant, Melissa Ford Riccioli: Working at Circle for Over 5 Years In this video, Melissa tells us why she’s been with Circle for over 5 years and never wants to leave. Watch now.

Program Director, Amanda Caroca: What’s the Best Part of Working at Circle? In this video, Amanda discusses the most thrilling moments of her job helping people complete their families. Watch now.

Attorney, Gina-Marie Madow: What Inspired You to Practice Law at Circle? In this video, Gina-Maria shares why the relationships she develops with families is the best part of her job.

Director of Legal Services, Dean Hutchison: In this video, Dean shares how starting at Circle turned into a life-long passion for surrogacy rights.

Traveling to Los Angeles and San Francisco for Surrogacy Consultations

 surrogacy consultation in california

We have two upcoming trips in California to meet with you about the process for becoming a parent through surrogacy.

Our free surrogacy consultation entails:

  • 2-to 3-hour in-person meeting with an attorney and a program representative
  • Overview of our program and agency protocols tailored to your needs
  • Opportunity to ask any questions you have in a private setting
register nwo

See you in L.A.

Cities and Dates: 

Los Angeles
Friday, January 22 and Saturday, January 23


See you in San Fran!

See you in San Fran!

San Francisco
Sunday, January 24 and Monday, January 25
We will also be at the Men Having Babies Conference on Sunday, January 25.


We will provide you with the location and appointment time after you register. If these dates don’t work for your schedule but you would still like to meet with us, it’s not a problem. You may use the same registration form to request a Skype consultation for a date and time that is convenient for you.

See you in San Fran!

See you in San Fran!

See you in L.A.!

See you in L.A.!




“Because of all of you, we have a family. You’ve guided us to our dream and we are forever grateful. You have warmed our hearts, warmed our souls.” Brian and Matt, Circle Parents | See More Testimonials

Learning More About the Surrogate Process

surrogate process

We receive several questions and comments on Facebook regarding the surrogate process. Most often people ask: What is the surrogate process? Many women want to know where to start and what to read before formulating specific questions about the surrogate process.

[As an aside, you can reach us most days and times to ask us questions on Facebook Private Message by clicking here.]

  1. The first part of the surrogate process: Check to see if you meet the requirements.
  • You must be between the ages of 21-41 years of age.
  • You cannot participate in certain government aid programs including section 8 housing.
  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of no higher than 33 (Calculate My BMI)
  • Live in a surrogate-friendly state in the United States (we are very sorry but we cannot accept gestational carriers who reside in Washington, D.C., Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, New Jersey)
  • Do not use illegal drugs, smoke cigarettes, or abuse alcohol
  • Generally have medical insurance (though this is not a requirement)
  • Women with IUDs or who have had the Depo Provera shot are welcome to apply but must be willing to have their IUDs removed around the time of their match, and depending on the chosen IVF clinic, there may be a delay before starting the medical process.
  • Have the support of family and friends
  1. If you meet all of the requirements, don’t leave out the last one: Check in with your support system.

Having the support of the people closest to you is very important throughout the surrogate process. If your application is accepted, the screening team will speak with you about your support system. Speaking with your support system while you’re in the process of filling out the surrogate application is a good way to prepare for follow-up questions with the screening team.

  1. Do some research.

For the surrogate process, it’s important to know some basic terminology when you apply.

Gestational surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries a child to term for intended parents who cannot have children on their own. This woman is referred to as a gestational surrogate or gestational carrier. Intended parents create fertilized embryos through in vitro fertilization, sometimes with the assistance of an egg donor or sperm donor. These embryos are cultivated in a laboratory and transferred into the surrogate’s uterus.

Gestational surrogates have no genetic relationship to the children they carry. By contrast, traditional surrogates are both gestational carriers and genetic contributors, becoming pregnant by artificial insemination, and carrying the child to term for the intended parents. Circle Surrogacy currently only facilitates gestational surrogacy arrangements.

To get more information about the surrogate process including payment details, you can download our free guide that takes you through every step of the surrogate process.

  1. If you followed the steps above, you’re ready to fill out the application!

If you’re ready to take the next step, click below to apply to complete a questionnaire about your medical and personal history. Then we’ll be in touch about how to move forward! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Circle Surrogacy is one of the oldest and largest surrogate parenting agencies in the world. We have a strong interconnected surrogacy community who educate and support one another throughout their journeys as well as dedicated support systems in place to enhance your surrogacy experience. We thoroughly screen our prospective parents, surrogates, and egg donors to ensure that all parties share the same values and commitment. We firmly believe that an open and honest approach results in a more rewarding journey. Our goal is for you to have one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

To keep in touch, follow us on Facebook for more articles like this one, adorable baby photos and other news regarding surrogacy.