How Did Your Career at Circle Start? – 20th Anniversary Project

How Did Your Career at Circle Start? – 20th Anniversary from Circle Surrogacy This year, Circle celebrates its 20th Anniversary. We are doing a video series to give you an inside look at the people who consider surrogacy their greatest passion. In this video, Director of Legal Services Dean Hutchison discusses how he started his […]

Circling Back: A Journey from Case Manager to Surrogate to Program Coordinator

Anne Watson’s journey with Circle began in 2006. Since then, she worked as a Circle case manager, moved to Oklahoma, had two children, and became a surrogate. Most recently, she rejoined the Circle team as a program coordinator. The other day we chatted about her experiences. Here’s what she had to share. How did you […]

Baby’s First Holiday Season: Thoughts from Amazing Circle Surrogates

For this holiday season, we reached out to amazing women and mothers who have been surrogates with us at Circle. We asked them to share their best pointers for baby’s first holiday season. We also asked them to share their family traditions with us to inspire our wonderful intended parents. If you didn’t receive an […]