9 Steps of The Surrogacy Process

international intended parents Are you ready to embark on your surrogacy journey? To give you a clearer picture of what the process entails, we’ve compiled the 9 steps of the surrogacy journey for intended parents. Over 1000 babies have been born through the following process:

1. Initial Consultation. Most intended parents start their journey with a free consultation that lasts an average of 2.5 hours depending on the agency. At Circle, you’ll meet with our staff by Skype or in person and learn about the programs and options available, the detailed process of matching with a surrogate, the legal process, any insurance issues, the financial implications, and basic medical information. Prior to your consultation, you’ll complete a basic questionnaire and submit photographs that assist our team in tailoring our services to meet your needs.

2. Officially Becoming an Intended Parent. To officially join a surrogacy program, you’ll sign a contract. At Circle, this is called an Agreement for Services. Following that, you are asked to transmit a portion of the fees. Next, you are introduced to your program coordination (PC) team that will guide you through every phase of your journey.

3. Screening and Selection Process for an Egg Donor. Egg donors are young, healthy women between the ages of 21 and 29 who live across the United States. They have had their medical records reviewed by a licensed reproductive endocrinologist and have participated in an intensive social work assessment by a licensed clinician. You can browse our egg donor database, or your program coordinator team can help you to complete an egg donor request form and send you egg donor profiles that match your preferences. Once chosen, your egg donor undergoes psychological testing. Some intended parents choose to bring their own egg donors, who might be family members or friends. [Read more…]

Send Us Your Photos!

surrogate mother pregnacnyThe surrogacy journey is packed with unforgettable moments along the way. Whether it is the IP-Surrogate meetings, pregnancy stages, the birth, or post-birth moments, surrogacy is a special process. Here at Circle, we cherish each and every step of the journey, and we would love to see pictures from our surrogates and IPs!

Surrogates, send us pregnancy photos! We want to keep up with your progress and share it with other surrogates, IPs, and friends.

Intended Parents, send us your baby photos! We want to see those cute family photos you have taken over the course of your journey.

We love to not only see the happiness and joy that surrogacy brings to our surrogates and IP, but also to share it with the world through our social media accounts.

If you would like to have your photos featured on our blog, Facebook, or Instagram, please send your snapshots to bmanning@circlesurrogacy.com, and be sure to follow us on social media to see other beautiful surrogacy journeys!

5 Reasons Why Surrogates Choose Circle

Over the past 20 years, more than 750 surrogates have brought more than 1,000 babies into the world with Circle Surrogacy. Our surrogates are selfless and dedicated—they help give the gift of a miracle to intended parents looking to build families.

As we continue to grow as an agency, we have new prospective surrogates starting their application process every day! Over the years our surrogates have shared with us what made them choose Circle Surrogacy.

surrogate testimonials1. We Focus on Building Relationships-
Matching at Circle is a two-way process – both intended parents and surrogates tell us what they are looking for, and our matching team evaluates all aspects and proposes carefully selected matches. We focus on building a relationship between intended parents and surrogate, as we firmly believe open and honest communication is key to a surrogacy journey and important to a child’s sense of self. This is the number one reason why surrogates and intended parents choose Circle.

2. Our Experience- We’re one of the largest surrogacy agencies in the United States! Also, if you’re thinking about surrogacy you probably have questions, and who better to answer them than an experienced surrogate right here at Circle? Our staff is open to answering any questions and sharing their own experience with potential surrogates. You can also read testimonials from surrogates on our website.

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Surrogate Infographic

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The Surrogacy Matching Process: How We Connect Surrogates and Intended Parents

We strive to make the best possible matches for our IPs and surrogates. We believe that an honest and open relationship throughout the process makes for an incredible journey for everyone involved. In order to achieve such a relationship, we use a detailed and extensive matching process.

Surrogate Screening

surrogate pregnancy with childrenBefore the matching can begin, we review the hundreds of surrogate applications that come in each month. A screening process allows a licensed social worker to review bankruptcy and criminal background checks as well as medical records and the applicant’s overall readiness to be a surrogate. If she advances beyond this initial screening, a member of our social work team conducts a phone interview with the applicant, as well as an additional interview with the applicant’s primary support person (PSP). Should the applicant make her way through these various checkpoints, she is approved to begin matching.

Once she is approved, our in-house legal team will evaluate the available legal matching options. Surrogacy law varies by state – the state in which the surrogate plans on delivering dictates the legal procedures possible and the type of parents who can be matched with a surrogate in that state.

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5 Pros of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an incredible process. It has the ultimate power to create a family, one of the greatest enjoyments. It’s a safe, successful, and enriching experience for both the family and the surrogate.

It’s hard to quantify the endless supply of virtues it provides. Here are just five:

1.  Surrogacy allows those who cannot have children to do just that. The most obvious benefit of surrogacy is its giving power. For various reasons, couples or individuals may not be able to have children on their own. This is a difficult problem to face as creating a family is a goal for most couples. Enter surrogacy. Whatever obstacle a couple may face on their journey to creating a family, with the help of a surrogate and/or an egg donor, anyone can have a child.

2.  Surrogacy allows many intended parents to share a genetic tie with their child. Through IVF, intended parents may contribute an egg and/or sperm to create an embryo, which is then implanted in the gestational carrier. In this way, intended parents can be biological parents.

3.  Surrogacy can lead to a lifelong relationship between the surrogate, the intended parents, and the child. Many surrogacy agencies encourage post-birth contact between the surrogate and the family. This continued relationship allows for an incredibly unique and powerful experience for everyone involved. Surrogacy fosters these beautiful connections, which can last a lifetime.

4.  Surrogacy is often a better option than other fertility treatments. Depending on the various programs, surrogacy generally costs between $100,000 and $150,000, which rivals the cost of more invasive fertility treatments. Surrogacy also has a higher success rate than other fertility treatments, and with continued improvement of IVF procedures, surrogacy is only getting more successful.

5.  Surrogacy provides a rewarding experience for both the family and the surrogate.  Surrogates choose to carry other people’s children because they value life and the power of family. Surrogacy does not only benefit the families—surrogates gain the incredible experience of providing infertile and gay parents with the gift of a lifetime: a baby.

These represent a few of the many reasons to have a child through surrogacy.

Explore our site for more information on our programs, financial resources, and LGBT surrogacy

To find out more about becoming a parent through surrogacy, or to set up a consultation with our team, visit circlesurrogacy.com/parents.

10 Reasons Being a Surrogate is Amazing


1. You get to give one of the greatest gifts anyone can ever give. From the moment children come into our lives, our world changes for the good. We are suddenly filled with enormous amounts of love and devotion for a tiny little being. Their first smile, first giggle, first step and first word are just a few of the simple, but extraordinary treasures that make parenthood an amazing and rewarding experience. Helping someone else experience these treasures is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give.

2. You’ll form a lifelong bond, a connection that is like no other. The surrogacy process creates an intimate link that binds the lives of the intended parents, the surrogate and the child. The relationship created through the surrogacy process is one that Circle takes exceptional care to respect and maintain throughout the journey.


3. Receive financial compensation for helping a family in need. Receive financial compensation to help you and your family. Learn more about surrogate compensation.

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Surrogacy Pregnancy vs. Traditional Pregnancy

What’s the difference between surrogacy pregnancy and traditional pregnancy?

They’re actually very similar. A surrogate pregnancy is a pregnancy like any other, where the end result is bringing life into the world. Both are filled with the excitement of kicks in your belly, and some of the less exciting things too (we’re talking to you, morning sickness). As in a traditional pregnancy, a surrogate receives the support of family and friends. But in addition, she gets to help build someone’s family and receive the constant support of her intended parents throughout the process.

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The history of surrogacy  goes back to biblical times, but with the advancement of technology and advances in reproductive medicine, the vast majority of today’s surrogacy arrangements involve gestational surrogacy. This is an arrangement that involves the transfer of an embryo created through in vitro fertilization using an egg from a donor or an intended mother and sperm from an intended father or a sperm donor. The resulting embryo(s) are then transferred into a surrogate in order to achieve pregnancy.

Becoming a surrogate is a unique process from applying, screening, matching, to completing IVF. But the medical experience of pregnancy is like any other. There are doctor visits and special attention to health, only this time the surrogate and the intended parents will use this time to build their relationship.

The level of contact depends on what both the surrogate and intended parents are comfortable with. With our intended parents living both in the United States and abroad, this could include emails, phone calls, Skyping, or an occasional visit. The intended parent(s) plan to be there for the delivery as well, ensuring constant support every step of the way. More information about working with intended parents can be found on our surrogates FAQs page.

So while a surrogacy pregnancy will be not much different than a traditional pregnancy, a surrogate will have multiple support teams there for her. She’ll have her own support team (her significant other, friends, and/or family), as well as the intended parent(s), and our team here at Circle (consisting of program coordinators and social workers). Our agency takes many steps to ensure a comfortable surrogacy journey for both intended parents and surrogate.

A surrogacy pregnancy is a journey and a rewarding experience where a woman can give an incredible gift to those wanting a child. It’s a pregnancy with a large support group, and a chance to help someone create the family they’ve always wanted.


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France Reviews its Surrogacy Laws: Surrogate Children Now Legally Recognized

On Friday, a major advance occurred for French children born through surrogacy. The top French court (La Cour de cassation) ruled that children born from surrogacy in other nations to French parents will now be granted French citizenship and can be entered in the civil registry.

Surrogacy is currently illegal in France; however, French intended parents often pursue surrogacy abroad and return to France. Before last week’s decision, many children born through surrogacy remained in a sort of legal limbo, with no official recognition by the French government.

The court ruled that children born abroad through surrogacy may be entered into the civil registry, obtain French birth certificates and claim citizenship. Their decision changes the previous jurisprudence for all surrogate children. The verdict follows a 2014 ruling from the European Court of Human Rights, which claimed that France’s surrogacy laws represented an “attack on the child’s identity, for which descent is an essential component.”

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