European Court Reverses French Surrogacy Decision

U.S. Surrogacy for Europeans Breaking News!
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) issued a breakthrough decision today. The decision made in Mennesson v. France will be overwhelmingly helpful for European intended parents who are currently engaged in the surrogacy process or thinking of doing so in the future.

Today’s decision holds that, by denying the recognition of a parent-child relationship to children born through surrogacy abroad, French authorities undermined the children’s identity within French society and thus violated the children’s Article 8 right (Right to Family Life). The Court held that the Mennesson’s twins’ rights to respect their private life had been infringed as everyone should be able to establish the essence of his or her identity, including parentage.

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What Father’s Day Means to Me

father's day 2014

The staff at Circle works hard year-round to make dreams of parenthood possible for so many. And every Father’s Day, it becomes more apparent to us why we do what we do. That is why a few of us wanted to share what Father’s Day personally means to us. 

Father’s Day is a day to appreciate what I have with my children, to look back with a new respect upon how much my father meant to me growing up (and still does today), and to anticipate the endless possibilities for my kids. Being a father changes everything. Knowing that I am responsible for the lives of others creates both a fear of making mistakes and at the same time an excitement about the future that I did not have before having children. The greatest joy of working with Circle is knowing that I can in some small way help others to become parents and open these same doors others.
-Scott B., Director of Operations

Celebrating Father’s Day has always been about a day of appreciation for my amazing father, who guided me during my childhood and helped me navigate the tempestuous teenage years. But since working at Circle, my perspective on the holiday has changed, taking on a greater meaning. Learning about the processes of surrogacy and egg donation, and the trust people put in us, has opened my eyes to another world. It’s a world where love, support, and dreams (and sometimes tears) collide in the hopes of having a child. The men who become fathers in our program are some of the proudest daddies I’ve ever seen. They do not take their roles for granted. They are engaged and loving. They are thankful. And, they are inspirational to me.
-Kayla Mossien, Communications Coordinator 

Father’s Day is a holiday to show love and respect the men in your life. Whether they are your father, grandfather, uncle, brother, friend, mentor, role model, etc., it is about acknowledging those special guys for all they do. To be able to work at Circle and help men fulfill their dreams of becoming fathers is truly an honor and a privilege. Wishing those fathers and those who are soon-to-be fathers a wonderful day!
Jen R., Outreach Coordinator

I grew up in a time when I thought as a gay person, I would never be a parent. So Father’s Day is particularly poignant to me. I wake up and argue with my husband who gets to stay in bed all day. Who gets breakfast in bed (our kids are 18 months and 4 years… neither of whom are particularly good with frying pans and gas hobs…yet)! For me the focus is on family that day. It’s all about us as a family unit and as dads to arguably the two most gorgeous children in the world. It’s about appreciating what we have and how we got to be here. More important, it’s about love. Love for our children who we thought were impossible once… not so long ago.
-Brett Griffin-Young, U.K. Representative

The joy of celebrating fatherhood is just around the corner. Happy Father’s Day to the fabulous dads out there as well as to the soon-to-be fathers in our program. We can’t wait to see the joy on your faces when Dad becomes your new lifelong title! Seeing the joy on a man’s face when he officially becomes a Dad never gets old.
-Nancy W., Client Development

Being a parent, especially a father, is the best thing in the world. That first little smile looking up at you, the first little giggle when you kiss their belly, that first word or their first crawl just melts your heart. There is nothing more beautiful then these precious moments between a child and a dad.  I love the fact that I get to help someone else experience these precious moments. 

For me, Father’s Day has a very special meaning. It’s a day dedicated to my dad (and dad-in-law) and my husband to show how much they are loved and appreciated and how lucky my kids and I are to have them in our lives. Life is taken for granted so often… Father’s Day helps you realize the importance of a loved one that is a dad. Happy Father’s Day! 
-Jenn S., Executive Assistant/Events and Marketing Coordinator

We’d love to hear what Father’s Day means to you! To share your thoughts on the honorable day, email or post on Facebook.

Surrogacy in the Media: Will Grey’s Anatomy have a surrogacy story line next season?

surrogacy on grey's anatomy I have been a devout Grey’s Anatomy fan since its start. And while the show has since grown a little tired, some of my favorite characters have left, and I can’t get through an episode without intense anxiety, I still tune in each week to see what happens!

This year’s season’s finale was not to disappoint, as a possible terrorist attack on a local mall floods Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital with crisis. Luckily, they found out it was just a gas leak. But never the less, the ER was swamped.

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