Surrogacy in the United Kingdom: What intended parents should know

Surrogacy in the United Kingdom

If you are British (or are living in the UK) and you are considering surrogacy overseas, you will probably be already aware of at least some of the difficulties with U.K. law as it relates to surrogacy.

The law relating to surrogacy in the U.K. can be difficult to navigate. Contrary to what you may have heard, surrogacy is legal in the U.K. but it is difficult to enter into surrogacy arrangements in the U.K. and an increasing number of U.K.-based commissioning couples are going using surrogacy in the USA to build their families.

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Facial Recognition Search: A new way to find your egg donor

Facial Recognition SearchCircle has joined a select few agencies in the fertility industry that have access to an advanced facial recognition software, which assists intended parents in finding the right egg donor. The program enables intended parents to select egg donors who most resemble their physical looks.

Based on a photo the intended parent provides Circle, the 3D software from Precision Donor™ constructs a virtual topographical map of your facial features. That map is compared to all of Circle’s registered egg donors, yielding results of best matches in terms of physical resemblance.

Precision Donor’s software is similar to that used by the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security—it’s that accurate and secure! Once an intended parent finds a match, the software immediately erases all identifying information, including photos, from the database in an effort to protect user’s privacy.

The images of the donors are run through a series of programs called Biometric Facial Recognition. These programs create mathematically precise models of the donors’ facial features. They are stored by the system not as an image, but as a series of mathematical expressions.

We are excited about the new program and hope it guides intended parents in finding the right egg donor for them.

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7 Don’ts of Planning a Surrogacy for Intended Parents

Planning a surrogacyIf you’re reading this, you most likely are researching surrogacy and all that it entails. And while you’re probably still learning the ins and outs of the process, there are some things you should know that may not pop up in your next Google search.

As we want you to be fully informed as intended parents, we’ve gathered a list of the top things to avoid when planning a surrogacy.

1. Don’t just consider the independent route. Working with a surrogacy agency affords you a service that directly provides or arranges all the required screening, matching, medical procedures, and legal actions needed in a surrogacy. More important, safeguarding your parental rights and establishing parentage require legal expertise, which is provided by Circle’s in-house legal team. The country you’re from and where your surrogate lives will dictate which actions need to be taken. Some arrangements require a pre- or post-birth order, while others solely need a second-parent adoption.

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