Kansas Bill Banning Surrogacy Dropped

flag-145876_150 Great news has surfaced regarding the Kansas surrogacy debacle. ASRM reported that lawmakers in Kansas will not be voting on a bill that would ban and criminalize surrogacy contracts. The bill, sponsored by Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, yielded overwhelmingly negative attention. As such, Pilcher-Cook was pressured to pull the bill from consideration for this year.

Voices of reason, including that of ASRM member Dr. David Grainger, prevailed at the hearing. In addition to not having public support or that of the majority of her colleagues, the Senator also did not have the support of the Senate leadership.

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Health Ministry Advocates Propose Bill Allowing Surrogacy for LGBT Intended Parents

why did you choose surrogacyThis Sunday, The Health Ministry of Israel plans on proposing a bill that would allow same-sex couples and individuals to pursue surrogacy. The bill was proposed during a Committee meeting, which was held to discuss Israeli couples who hired surrogates in Thailand and are unable to return home.

Currently, Thai law recognizes these babies as Thai citizens. Removing these children from the country could be considered kidnapping. “Despite the complex political situation in Thailand, we reached an agreement in which the mother can come to the Israeli embassy with a signed letter saying she is giving up the baby. Any couple who can do that will get a passport immediately,” said Nissim Ben Sheetrit, Foreign Ministry Director- General. However, he added, the agreement with Thailand is only until November, after which surrogacy will no longer be legal there.

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U.S. Surrogacy Webinar: Options for intended parents

Circle Surrogacy aims to inform as many intended parents as possible about their family-building options. In an effort to do just that, we hosted a webinar to cover all aspects of surrogacy in the United States. Our panelists– Alicia Imperato, LCSW, Social Worker at Circle Surrogacy; Dean Hutchison, Attorney at Circle Surrogacy; Dr. Vicken Sahakian, Medical Director at Pacific Fertility Center – Los Angeles; and Brian, a parent through Circle Surrogacy– provide a thorough overview of the surrogacy process and a description of what a surrogacy arrangement entails.

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Thai Surrogacy No Longer Possible for Israeli Intended Parents

Israel Surrogacy

The issue of Israeli babies born to Thai surrogates made the news this week as numerous intended parents are fighting for permission to return home with their newborns. According to The Times of Israel, surrogacy in Thailand is now complicated due to a new law under which babies born to Thai women are automatically given citizenship. Further, Thai law states that women (including surrogates) who give birth to a child have full parental rights to those babies, including the right to custody.

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Family Equality Council Talks Surrogacy

family equality council Who We Are
As a national organization, Family Equality Council represents 3 million parents who are LGBTQ and their 6 million children. Through our work, it is our privilege and opportunity to observe first-hand the many ways families are created. In recent years, the advancement of assisted reproductive technologies has provided options to couples, whether gay or straight, who otherwise are unable to have children on their own.

Today, there are many ways for couples to realize their dream of having children; unfortunately, our laws have not always maintained pace with the advancement of our medicine, technology, and humanity. Because surrogacy is an important way that LGBTQ parents form families, Family Equality Council is deeply committed to passing even-handed laws across the nation that provide guidance to families and protect all parties involved.

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Family Building Options for Same-Sex Couples

gay surrogacy Many same-sex couples need the assistance of a surrogate and an egg donor to turn their dream of having a family into reality.

At Circle Surrogacy, we believe that sexual orientation and gender identity should not be barriers to parenthood. We’ve helped hundreds of members of the LGBT community become parents since 1995. And roughly half of the intended parents we work with identify as LGBT.

In addition to our work in building families for same-sex couples, our joint efforts with non-profit agencies, such as Family Equality Council and Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), are a reflection of our commitment to both our current and future gay intended parents.

Our free download, “Introduction to Surrogacy & Egg Donation:  A guide for LGBT Intended Parents,” educates prospective parents on the process of surrogacy and egg donation, provides estimated costs of services, and shares the ways in which Circle is active in the LGBT community.

To read the full guide, click on its cover or find it here.


GayDadSwag: An LGBT Parenting Community

Gay Dad Swag

Garon with his son, Matteo.

Somewhere in the world, there’s a teenage boy sitting in his room, wishing he didn’t have to walk around hiding this secret and wanting so badly for his parents to be cool with the fact that he’s gay. With his door closed and locked, he turns the Internet and types www.gaydadswag.com. As he scrolls through pictures of kids smiling alongside their gay fathers, he thinks, maybe one day that’ll be me.

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Traveling Home after Surrogacy: Information for International Intended Parents

surrogacy You’ve pursued surrogacy in the United States and are well into the process. As you approach your surrogate’s due date, prepare yourself for your final trip to the States. Keep the following in mind during the post-delivery days before you return to your home country with your family in tow.

The Stay
On average, international intended parents stay in the U.S. for two to four weeks after the baby is released from the hospital (not from the day he or she is born). You most likely want to find lodging that’s suitable for a newborn. Many intended parents book extended-stay hotels or short-term rental properties. During the final visit, intended parents are typically completing legal paper work, settling parentage issues, waiting on passports, and bonding with their baby.

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