Inside Circle – Minette Bryant

We’re starting a new series called ‘Inside Circle’ wherein we’ll introduce you to some of the Circle family members who help us to support all of our wonderful surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents throughout their journeys. This week, we’re featuring our Program Coordinator Minette, who, as a Circle surrogate delivered two of the first 150 babies at Circle, […]

VIDEO: Phases of the Surrogacy Process: Application and Pre-Screening

As part of our series on the Phases of the Surrogacy Process, Kristi, Circle’s Surrogate Prescreening Manager and past surrogate, and Cory, Surrogate Outreach coordinator and three-time surrogate, review some considerations for prospective surrogates as they navigate the application and pre-screening phase of the surrogacy process.  

Why is it a Requirement That Surrogates Need to Have Given Birth and Be Parenting a Child?

We often receive questions from potential surrogate applicants about why surrogates have to have already given birth and be parenting. This is something that is set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. ASRM is an organization that ensures ethical standards are upheld through the practice and advancement of reproductive medicines. In order to be approved […]