Choosing Known vs. Semi-Known Egg Donation

This post, written by Circle Director of Marketing Kristin Marsoli, was originally published on Parents via Egg Donation Infertility can be a long road. You’re investing a tremendous amount of time, money and emotion into doing everything you can to fulfill your dreams of parenthood. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out the way you […]

Circle Attends ABA Family Law Section Conference

Insurance and surrogacy panel

Recently, Circle Attorneys Dean Hutchison, Esq. and Natalie Kanellis, Esq. attended the The American Bar Association’s Family Law Section Fall Conference. Natalie led a panel “Insurance for ART in a Post-Obama World”, where she spoke about the complexities involved with insurance and surrogacy, and fighting appeals on behalf of IPs and Surrogates when insurance is […]

Australia Votes YES to Same-Sex Marriage – Circle Surrogacy

Australia Votes Yes

Shouts of celebration were heard across Australian on Wednesday last week after the results of a two-month postal survey came out in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. This is a huge, happy win for the LGBT community in Australia. Hundreds gathered to hear the announcement, which was met with rainbow smoke, dancing and tears of […]

Circle’s Outreach Associate Brett and His Husband Share Surrogacy Story

Brett and his son

Brett Griffin-Young, Circle’s International Outreach Associate and his husband Matthew will be part of the Families Through Surrogacy Seminar Series in the UK and Ireland. Brett and his husband embarked on a surrogacy journey 9 years ago in the U.S. to build their family. After three embryo transfers they had a successful pregnancy, and their […]

Circle Supports Resolve New England at Annual Fertility Conference

Resolve NE Fertility Conference

It was an emotional and educational day at the 2017 Resolve New England Fertility Conference last weekend in Massachusetts. Circle was honored to once again be part of this event. The day started with a keynote address from Nancy Kerrigan, Olympic, World and National champion figure skater, and Massachusetts native. Nancy shared her experience of […]

Circle Celebrates 1500 Babies – Meet Lee…Baby #2

Circle has been celebrating #1500circlebabies all month long with stories from their own employees who were surrogates on intended parents through the surrogacy program. Our last celebratory post is from Lee Winters, who was the SECOND baby born at Circle through surrogacy. It’s hard to believe that Lee is already 18 years old! We caught […]

Circle Celebrates 1500 Babies — Anne’s Story

Circle gestational surrogate Anne

Circle Surrogacy is celebrating #1500circlebabies all month long, by highlighting the amazing stories from their own employees, many of whom have participated in surrogacy journeys as surrogates or intended parents. Anne, our Manager of Medical Billing, shares her story as a surrogate. Thanks to Anne’s generosity and kindness, she brought baby #1047 into the Circle […]